It’s November which means it’s that wonderful time of the year again. I don’t mean the start of the mad Christmas season rush, but of the most important month for a writer of any talent. I’m talking about National Novel Writing Month.

Founded on July 1st, 1999, the National Novel Writing Month, known better as NaNoWriMo, is an annual web-based writing fest that challenges writers to do what many dream of but few can accomplish, starting and finishing a 50k novel in a month. It is a challenge that is as difficult as it is inspiring. Thankfully, writers don’t have to go through it alone. Writers can sign up for it on the official NaNoWriMo site and find other writers in the same area as they are, writing the same genre, along with receiving pep-talks from established writers in the field.

On the surface, it feels like your standard community event, but it goes deeper than that. There’s more than the counter telling you how well you’re doing or a tired and cliched inspirational quote to get you through the day, there is a thriving community there. By the thousands, there are writers of every genre ready to give support, tips and tricks to help push you along.

Authors will start off the event on roughly the same page, although most have the intention of going from start to finish on a 50K novel by the end of the month and yours truly is no different. In honor of NaNoWriMo’s 20th anniversary and my own 2 year anniversary since I became a published author, I’ve decided to join. I will be providing updates, community support, and my own thoughts and feelings on what is the biggest and most talked about online writing event.

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