It’s my second day tackling the NaNoWriMo challenge. So far, I’m keeping up with my words. I don’t feel stressed or in a hurry to finish up. However, I have noticed issues within my own writing.

It’s pretty bad.

The words “Oh”, “Just”, “Really”, “Even” keep slipping into my character’s speech.

Character motivations, speech patterns, and general attitudes are inconsistent. Diane, our main lead, goes from being moody and snarky to weepy and despondent at the drop of a hat

The feel of the genre, Adult with Paranormal Fantasy, doesn’t feel adult or very paranormal, despite the adult themes such as murder, depression, loss of identity, and suicidal thoughts and ghostly activity like hauntings, dead children. The whole novel feels like sad attempt to make an edgy paranormal novel. Whatever your take on it, Hart & Scull lacks the heart of a great book.

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