In the year 20XX, humanity received a message from space that the greatest evil in the universe was coming. It was a warning of X the Undaunted, a ruthless warlord from beyond the stars. The Conqueror of galaxies, the Destroyer of suns, and to those who whom he subjugated, he was the Supreme Ruler of all. To defeat him, it would take an unprecedented united global effort.

This effort did not happen.

Between global grudges and political punches, the initiative to save earth was doomed from the start. X the Undaunted came and in less than ten days, humanity fell to his power. Hundreds of thousands of people died. They fought with nukes, with missiles, and in the case of the desperate, with kitchen knives. None of it worked against X. Those who survived the minimalist assault were thrust into a new world of power struggles, a shifting criminal justice system, and existential crises.

It was a whirlwind affair to try and move on with our lives under X the Undaunted. People suffered, some died, and others like me, ended up on the unemployment line. But I wouldn’t be stuck like this forever, because this is the story of how I became the right hand man of the greatest villain in the universe.

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