Humanity Fell – Store Closed

On the fifth day with the message still in the sky, I felt pretty apprehensive which wasn’t very new. I lived life by “Expect the worse and maybe hope that nothing will catch fire today” mentality. And since I worked at the Everything Store, going into work could mean literally anything since management refused to turn away anyone who needed anything. But on that particular day, I couldn’t help but want to bail. There was something bad that was going to happen. I could feel it in my bones.

            It was the sort of day that you knew that someone was going to vomit on you, or threaten you with a knife, of most likely we were going to get robbed again.

            I hated it when we got robbed. The police came, we were stuck for hours, and management made our lives hell by constantly stating that we were lazy while we were giving witness statements. I thought about going calling in, saying I was sick or something but I knew that it wouldn’t work out. The last time I tried to call in sick, Mr. Payne threatened to fire me. This was also how nearly everyone in my department got sick with the flu. Deciding that I didn’t want to spend my days in the unemployment line, I drove to the Everything Store for my shift. It was there that I saw something that I had never seen before.

The doors were locked.

The open sign was off.

Oh, yeah, and there was this weird green and purple spaceship floating above the store too but, I mean the doors were locked! We were actually closed for once!