With Her Fists – A hard hitting book in all the wrong places

I love writing and reading but sometimes, it is a hard job. I was contacted almost two weeks ago by the author to review this book. I’ll be quite honest, I was impressed and eager to read a book by a self-published author, epsically with such an interesting premise.

A champion fighter.

Danger at every turn.

And a book who’s writing, pacing, and dialogue drove me half mad and half asleep.

Everything about this book was awful to read. The action scenes felt like I was reading a script of some bloody fight happening while the dialogue and bits of Spanish peppered throughout the text made me roll my eyes due to their awkward placement. It was a painful stereotype that punched me repeatedly in the face.

Overall, the plot was boring and I couldn’t see why I should care about the characters at all. They were nothing more but flimsy cardboard cutouts of characters that if handled correctly could be interesting. The way they spoke and thought ecohed every ham-fisted attempted by bad writers everywhere to be edgy.

Newsflash! The audience doesn’t want edgy. We want authentic and there is nothing authentic about this book or it’s characters. “With Her Fists” promised to be a thrilling knock-out, but all I wanted it to do was put me out of my misery.